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Prenatal Yoga
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Prenatal Yoga

for the body, mind and spirit.


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Prenatal Yoga


Pregnancy is a great time to begin the practice of yoga. Many women continue their regular practice of yoga, with modifications, right up until birth. Others begin yoga for the first time early in their pregnancy. Unlike many other types of exercise, it is safe and, in fact, often recommended to begin a yoga class tailored to unique prenatal needs at any time you are comfortable doing so. Pregnancy brings great changes to your body, physical and emotional, in preparation for labor and motherhood. Yoga can help you adjust to changes, surrendering with a certain grace and joy during the time you are awaiting your little one. Many women welcome the chance to bond with other mothers-to-be, forming a community of friends with whom to share resources, advice, and the common experience of approaching motherhood. Others welcome time out from their toddlers as they nurture themselves in preparation for being more available to meet the needs of others.

What does a Prenatal Yoga Teacher do?


A prenatal yoga teacher is trained to use props and offer modifications to keep you comfortable and to make poses accessible throughout your pregnancy. Especially if you haven’t practiced yoga before, it is advisable to seek out a yoga class where the teacher is trained to offer a practice that is geared uniquely to pregnancy. These classes offer advice on options for each trimester of pregnancy. Special attention will be paid to safe and beneficial poses specific to maternity. However, some women with a healthy, normal pregnancy find they do not vary their personal practice too much from the regular yoga practice they may have experienced prior to pregnancy. Particular focus on rest, breathing, strengthening, flexibility, and relaxation are part of a regular prenatal yoga class. Special focus on rest, breathing, strengthening, flexibility, and relaxation are all a part of a regular prenatal yoga class.

Benefits of a Prenatal Yoga Class


**Reference Asheville Yoga Center Prenatal/Postnatal Teacher Training

  • Sharing experiences and bonding with other mothers

  • Inner awareness of pregnancy

  • Ease of common discomforts

  • More balanced emotions and energy levels

  • Preparing for birth

  • Heightening intuition

  • Learning to breathe deeply

  • Coping through labor with more focus

  • Cultivating inner strength=self-empowerment


When to Contact a Prenatal Yoga Teacher


It is usually safe to start yoga at any stage of your pregnancy, with the advice of your health care provider. If you are a regular yoga practitioner, it may be wise to switch to a prenatal class early on in your pregnancy unless you are familiar with modifications to your practice that are specific to pregnancy. If you experience symptoms such as nausea and fatigue in the first trimester, this might make starting yoga more challenging or uncomfortable. Others prefer waiting until they have formally announced their pregnancy before beginning prenatal yoga. Many choose to begin between 11 and 14 weeks into their pregnancy when pregnancy is well established, and they are “feeling pregnant.” Connecting with other mothers and learning to use props and modifications early in pregnancy is often helpful. Many mothers report that the extra practice with breathing, flexibility, and strength helped them through labor and pregnancy, and they are glad they started early. Yoga can be safe at any stage of motherhood, and the tools you will learn can also help you off the mat during the parenting process.

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