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Midwifery Care
We are your Scenic City Birth Collective!

Our Scenic City Midwives are dedicated to ensuring you have the best possible care during your pregnancy and birth. They believe in working with you, providing guidance, support and information during this very special time in your lives.


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What Our Collective Midwives do Best

Midwives offer comprehensive midwifery care to women, including prenatal, birth and postpartum care throughout pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period.



Midwives are health professionals and specialists in low-risk pregnancy and childbirth and offer a full spectrum of maternity care options based on the best available evidence. Low risk means a woman does not have complications such as heart problems or illnesses that might be complicated by pregnancy. In Tennessee, the Council of Certified Professional Midwifery, under the Department of Health, issues licenses to midwives who have completed appropriate education and successfully completed required examinations. The Council, working with the Board of Osteopathic Examination, interprets the laws, rules, and regulations to determine the appropriate standards of practice and to ensure the highest degree of professional conduct.

What Do Midwives Do?


During pregnancy, your midwife will see you regularly to monitor your health and your baby's well-being. These visits provide ample time for informational needs, planning, and emotional support. Your midwife will order all necessary labs and ultrasounds during your pregnancy and refer you, if necessary, to an obstetrician if she is concerned for your or your baby's well-being. She is the primary attendant at your birth and is responsible for monitoring your and your baby's health. She also provides check-ups for mom and baby in the weeks following the birth, up to six weeks postpartum. However, midwives do far more than provide prenatal check-ups and attend births. They offer sensitive, respectful care to women, provide educational opportunities and guidance, and partner with the family in their decisions.

Benefits of Midwifery Care


A woman who receives care from a midwife is more likely to:

  • Have a normal birth

  • Have more freedom in how she gives birth

  • Have a more positive experience of labor and birth

  • Be satisfied with her maternity care

  • Have her baby at term

  • Successfully breastfeed her baby

  • Avoid unnecessary intervention

  • Spend less on maternity care

When to Contact a Midwife


Birth is a very personal experience. Midwives recognize how important it is that you meet the midwife and have a "connection" so that you can develop a trusting, professional relationship. It is best to contact a midwife as soon as you find out you're pregnant. Not only is the demand for midwives high, but it is also beneficial to access prenatal care at the beginning of your pregnancy. Call anytime. You do not need a referral to see a midwife.

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