Postpartum Doulas
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The Birth Professionals at Scenic City Birth Collective, each with different training and specialties, provide support throughout pregnancy, birth the postpartum period and beyond.


After Baby Doulas Services

Jeannette McDonald

Moms can count on me to provide after baby support in their home after birth. As a mom of two I understand thoroughly both the expected and unexpected needs with new baby.  An often neglected time in terms of support I can provide in home support in the form of baby care, sibling support, listening ear, light housework, basic meal prep, running errands and more. Often times we work through the birth story, listening to concerns, answering questions, supporting anxieties.  After baby doula care for a few hours a day for days or weeks can really transform the newborn experience for the whole family.  As a certified lactation counselor and yoga teacher this can also include either service.

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Marilyn Sherlin

As an After Baby Doula, I strive to help with a peaceful transition as you introduce your new baby into your home. I aim to help parents get settled and even enjoy the postpartum period, which can otherwise be a very stressful time. I offer assistance with setting up nursing and diaper changing stations, addressing breastfeeding issues, helping siblings adjust to changes, laundry, dishes, and meal preparation. I will ensure that mom gets that much needed time of rest and recovery. I also take time to debrief mom and dad by talking through their birth experience and helping them process the events of that day. I answer any questions, address any concerns, and provide resources for additional information.

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Rachel Jimenez

As your After Baby Doula, I come alongside your family to help you ease into the adjustment of bringing home a new baby, providing care for mom and other children (and furry children) so you’re able to better care for your baby and get the rest needed for a speedier recovery. I also provide experienced assistance and advice regarding breastfeeding, baby care, and mom’s postpartum recovery experience. Light household tidying, laundry, meal and snack preparation, watching older children or holding baby while mom gets a bath or nap, running errands or picking up groceries, and organizing baby’s closet are among the many things I happily do and have done to help new mothers feel more relaxed and supported after baby. 

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