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Prenatal Yoga

Brenda Nakdimen

“Your spirit as a woman has all the knowledge and power you need to give birth and to nurture your baby.”—Gurmukh

It is my belief that preparing for your child’s birth and for parenthood begins with caring for and nurturing yourself during pregnancy. Prenatal yoga classes are uniquely geared to the creation of a sense of community during pregnancy. I believe women are wired for nurturing their little ones; sometimes we need encouragement and a safe place to tap into our intuition about how best to meet our own needs in preparation for giving to others. Prenatal yoga is a place to practice deep nourishing breath work, to relax more fully, to gain strength and flexibility in preparation for childbirth, and to gather together in the beautiful collective spirit of motherhood. Together during Prenatal Yoga, we learn to slow down, breathe deeply, connect to being at home in our changing bodies, and how to better trust our intuition.

Jeannette McDonald

As a registered yoga teacher with certification in prenatal yoga I can provide private prenatal yoga or after baby yoga to you.  With individually planned movement, breath work and/or meditation we can help prepare you physically and mentally for childbirth.  With pinpointed movements geared towards the needs of your body whether they be opening and relaxing or strengthening and lengthening, yoga will prepare you for the beauty of childbirth. 

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