Birth Doulas
We are your Scenic City Birth Collective!

The Birth Professionals at Scenic City Birth Collective, each with different training and specialties, provide support throughout pregnancy, birth the postpartum period and beyond.


Labor & Birth Doulas

Jeannette McDonald

As a DONA trained birth doula my goal is to provide you and your family with the resources, information and support you need to enter your birth journey grounded and centered.  Providing evidence-based research, information and resources we can work through your plan together.  During our two prenatal home visits we will discuss and outline your vision for your birth.  As a doula I am available to mom, partner and family.  During labor I provide physical, emotional and mental support helping you adjust to the waves that labor brings.  Always available by phone, text or email I serve as full support to you.  I can be available no later than 2 hours after you need as labor begins and will stay with you regardless of experience until at least 2 hours after birth.  

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Marilyn Sherlin

As a Birth Doula, it is my goal to bring confidence and centeredness to expecting parents by strengthening  them with knowledge. This helps to remove fear and anxiety, therefore creating an environment conducive to a desirable birth experience. During 2 home visits, I will discuss the family's vision for their ideal birth. As a Registered Nurse, I know that labor can change directions sometimes. I prepare families for those possibilities so that any transitions will be smooth and peaceful. I help ensure this by being present from the time labor begins up to 2 hours after the birth. I support all types of birth including induction, VBAC, epidural, as well as planned and unplanned c-sections.

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