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Massage Therapists

Tracy Hilliard, LMT, RN

Massage Therapy   Maya Abdominal Massage

Massage Therapist

Pregnancy massage is an excellent complement to your prenatal care. For low-risk pregnancies women have found massage to be a nurturing and healthy way to reduce stress and promote overall wellness. As a woman’s body changes during the pregnancy, massage can offer relief for many of these common issues:

  • backache

  • sciatic nerve pain

  • leg cramps/swelling

  • lower pelvic discomfort

  • delayed labor

Prenatal massage has also been found to relieve feeling of anxiety and depression and can improve labor outcomes and newborn health. Women with low-risk pregnancies are able to receive prenatal massage at any point during their pregnancy and this is a perfect way to carve out some self-care time before baby arrives.

Arvigo Maya Abdominal Therapy® 

Each ATMAT session begins with a complimentary phone or email consult to discuss your basic goals for the work and to answer any questions that you may have prior to your initial session. For the initial session you will bring in your paperwork and I will review your health history before we begin, as this allows time for questions and gives me a clear picture of your reproductive and digestive health history. I will then begin the treatment by gently massaging the upper and lower abdomen, including the muscles surrounding the lower back and sacrum. I also instruct you in the Arvigo self-care techniques which you can begin doing immediately at home. Lastly I will offer any at-home therapy recommendations that I feel may be helpful.

(423) 401-0816

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