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Birth Doula Services
We are your Scenic City Birth Collective!


“If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.” -Dr. John H. Kennell


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A birth doula is a magnificent resource for you in pregnancy, labor, and postpartum and an addition to your birth team that is not to be missed. By hiring a doula, you’ve ensured yourself the non-judgmental support of an experienced woman in pregnancy, birth and/or postpartum. Scenic City Doulas are certified and work to continue their awareness and education within the scope of their doula practices and responsibilities. The doulas at Scenic City Birth Collective are experienced with home birth, birth centers, hospital birth, water birth, VBAC, teen pregnancy, multiples, and cesarean birth.

What do Birth Doulas do?


Your doula is different from your care provider in that your doula is your source of emotional and physical support all throughout your childbearing year. The doulas listed with Scenic City Birth all have independent practices, and there will be some practice variations between them. All of our doulas provide resources, continuous labor support, and non-biased, evidenced-based information. At your birth, they help with everything from position changes to touching to verbal encouragement. Most perform prenatal visits to get to know you, your partner and family, and your hopes for your birthing experience. Doulas also follow up after the baby arrives to answer any questions you or your partner may have, provide breastfeeding support, and provide additional community resources as needed. This follow-up visit is also a great time to process the story of your birth with your Doula!

Benefits of Having a Birth Doula


The evidence that Rebecca Dekker has compiled at Evidence Based Birth clearly reflects the sound data supporting the use of a doula:

  • 28% reduction in cesarean rate

  • 31% reduction in oxytocin (pitocin) use

  • 9% reduction in pain medication use

  • 14% decrease in newborn admission to special care nurseries

  • 34% decrease with mothers being dissatisfied with their births

When to Contact a Birth Doula


Whether you are ten weeks or 30 weeks pregnant, planning to birth at home or the hospital, having a scheduled Cesarean, or letting nature take its course, there is no time like the present to begin interviewing doulas! 


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