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Jeannette McDonald

The Birth Buttress

birth doula   postpartum doula

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I have been working in Public Health for over 20 years focusing on women's health, a specialty that evolved into birth services. Later I became a registered yoga teacher, certified lactation counselor, and certified birth doula. I use all of my past education and experience to bring my work as a doula to my clients. It is an honor to support women and their families in their birth journey.

Birth Doula

As a DONA-trained birth doula, my goal is to provide you and your family with the resources, evidence-based research, information, and support you need to enter your birth journey grounded and centered. During our two prenatal home visits, we will discuss and outline your vision for your birth. As a doula, I am available to mom, partner, and family. During labor, I provide physical, emotional, and mental support helping you adjust to the waves that labor brings. Always available by phone, text, or email, I serve as full support to you. I can be available no later than 2 hours after you need as labor begins and will stay with you regardless of experience until at least 2 hours after birth. 

Registered Yoga Teacher

As a registered yoga teacher certified in prenatal yoga, I can provide you with private prenatal or after-baby yoga. With individually planned movement, breath work, and/or meditation, we can help prepare you physically and mentally for childbirth. With pinpointed movements geared towards your body's needs, whether opening and relaxing or strengthening and lengthening, yoga will prepare you for the beauty of birth.  

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