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Childbirth Education
We are your Scenic City Birth Collective!


If you want to be educated and prepared for an empowered birth experience, sign up for a childbirth education class! 


Our members provide amazing educational opportunities for families and give parents hands-on practice and knowledge about the birth process. Learn more about their services

and find the right class for you!


Find a Childbirth Educator

Childbirth Education


Childbirth Educators teach expectant parents about the upcoming life-changing event in their lives. They are passionate about teaching and educating parents about their birth! You can expect to find a class that will fit your individual needs. They offer 2-3 hour refresher courses, one-day intensives, and weekly comprehensive classes that last anywhere from four to six weeks or longer.

What Do Childbirth Classes Cover?


Some of the topics you can expect to learn in childbirth classes include:

  • How your body and hormones work together.

  • Nutrition, good health, and exercise during pregnancy.

  • Labor progress, comfort techniques, labor, and birth positions.

  • When to call the midwife or doctor.

  • Getting the support you need: labor and birth support, postpartum support, lactation support, and house cleaning.

  • Effective pushing, intact perineum, and placenta options.

  • The cascade of interventions.

  • Immediate postpartum and early newborn expectations. 

  • Some childbirth classes cover self-hypnosis.

What are the Benefits of Taking a Class?


Working toward an empowered birth experience will shape you and your partner's understanding, views, and feelings about your body and the birth of your baby. For the benefit of meeting everyone's needs, classes are held either privately or in a group setting.

When to Contact a Childbirth Educator


Whether planning a home, birth center, or hospital birth, taking childbirth classes is essential for first-time mothers or women who are planning their first natural birth. Contact a childbirth educator by your 4th month of pregnancy and plan on completing your full series class no later than 36 weeks. Ideally, you should start taking a course as early in pregnancy as possible. That way, you have plenty of time to practice relaxation techniques and labor positions. Parents taking a refresher class can contact an educator a little later in their pregnancy and plan to spend a leisurely afternoon or evening with their partner, re-learning the labor and birth process. 

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